Most Valuable Global Brands of 2017: Apple Beats Google!

apple and google

Most Valuable Global Brands of 2017: Apple Beats Google!

topped the Best Global Brand Report beating Amazon, Google, Samsung, Coca-Cola, and plenty if other important brands.

Following the report published for the year 2017, the world’s highest growing brands are Facebook, Amazon, and Adobe. It is interesting to annotate, how Facebook has increased its brand worth by approximately 50% as compared with the last year. Facebook prove to be a platform and played a massive role in the Presidential Elections of US last year.

In a turbulent year, brands have continued to deliver.  The Top 100 brands increased in value by 8 percent year-on-year to now be worth $3.64 trillion.  The Fearsome Five technology giants – Google, Apple, Microsoft, Amazon and Facebook – take the top places in this year’s ranking and combined are worth 25% of the total value of the Top 100.

Technology is the most sizzling industry of all, taking 18 spots of the rundown, and nine out of the main 15 are technology organizations. The rundown saw 13 brands from the money related segment while 12 purchaser merchandise organizations made the cut.

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Best brands

Apple is one of the best brands lately and throughout the year it has been launching gadgets with latest updates and has become of the largest selling smartphone brand. Apple has been topped as the leader due to its inspiration, financial standing and value throughout the world. Apple has just recently released its iPhone X which is considered the best phone and people are drooling over its amazing and exciting features. Moreover Apple iPhone X has bezel-less screen and other new, exceptional features.

Here is the Graph of Apple product throughout the decade:

Interbrand calculates that Apple’s brand value has grown 3 percent, to $184 billion. Meanwhile, Facebook is the fastest-growing brand, up 48 percent to $48 billion. And Netflix and have arrived in the list for the first time, at #78 and $84 respectively. Coca cola is the non tech brand and is in the top 5 list.

The important elements that add to a brand’s value including the branded products or services financial performance, the role that the brand has in influencing purchase decisions and the strength that the brand has to garner premium price or earnings.

After the Death of the founder of Apple Company Steve jobs, it was believed that Apple will not survive and will not be on the top any more, but the latest evaluation proved everyone and yeah, here we are with Apple as a top value brand.

Here are the top 10 companies and their brand valuations:

  1. Apple – 109 billion
  2. Google – $107 billion
  3. Amazon – $106 billion
  4. AT&T – $87 billion
  5. Microsoft – $76 billion
  6. Verizon – $66 billion
  7. Walmart – $62 billion
  8. Facebook – $62 billion
  9. Wells Fargo – $42 billion
  10. McDonald’s – $39 billion