Telenor Pakistan in Trouble with CCP

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Telenor Pakistan in Trouble with CCP

Telenor one of the most famous and powerful networks in Pakistan has been fined by CCP (The Competition Commission of Pakistan (CCP) for misleading marketing. CCP issued show cause notice to Telenor for violating Section 10 of the Competition Act 2010 by misleadingly marketing its 4G facilities.


According to sources CCP is deciding to fine about 75 million if Telenor fails to please the commission.

According to The report by CCP:
“If the undertaking in question fails to satisfy the commission, section 38 of the competition law empowers imposition of penalty through an order passed on the completion of enquiry process”

Other network ZONG filed a complaint against Telenor to CCP that the material they are using in advertising is false i.e. they are providing free 4G services. Opponent Company, ZONG also added that the claims by Telenor are misleading customers and damaging the business of its opponents.

After the deep investigation, it has been deduced that Telenor is providing first 100 MBs free of cost but the rest of the MBs has charges.

The second complaint that is “free 4g services all over Pakistan”, which after investigation is concluded that Only few Metropolitan cities has 4G services available which are Karachi, Lahore, Faisalabad, Islamabad, Quetta, Peshawar, and Multan.

Telenor Pakistan responded immediately as Kamal Ahmed, Chief Corporate Affairs Officer, and Telenor Pakistan issued below statement:

“Telenor Pakistan is an ethical and law abiding corporate entity and carries out its operations in accordance with law and conducts all business activities responsibly. We always strive to maintain clear communication with our valued customers and ensure that there is no ambiguity as far as our package plans or pricing is concerned. The 4G campaign in question was launched in 2016 and we clarified in our communication that internet usage is free for first 100MBs.”

Moreover they added that;

Campaign is already over. We are questioning the matter before CCP.

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