Emirates & Etihad are Hiring!

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Emirates & Etihad are Hiring!

It’s been more than six to seven months since Emirates and Etihad last employed any new Cabin Crew.  And it seems like that airline is about to start employing again soon.  Emirates recently launched a sleekly new careers website that gave confidence that they would restart recruiting soon but this no longer looks to be the circumstance. At Etihad Airways, the latest career listings posted this week showed that there are chances for those who have qualifications to work as aircraft captain, customer service officer and manager. Just last month, the airline opened positions for cabin crew, food and beverages manager and inflight chef, all to be based out of Abu Dhabi.


In Dubai, Emirates opened this week job vacancies for senior cargo agent, customer sales and service team leader, safari guide and health, safety and environment director.

The Dubai-based carrier, which employs more than 75,000 people in Dubai and around the world, is also looking to fill other positions, including senior analyst, finance manager, quality assurance coordinator, business finance analyst, emergency specialist and security specialist, among many others.


Carriers are known for their generous employee welfares packages that are not offered in most organizations. Workers either get free tickets or are given discounted so that they can have their best vacations, apart from tuition fee grants and dining discounts. They live in staff lodgings and get transported to their office in their company bus.

Moreover, the airline industry is not only fast-stridden and dynamic; it offers plenty of opportunities for employees to meet new people, especially if they’re part of the ground or cabin crew.