Cricketer Imad Wasim Denies Allegations with Mystery Girl

imad wasim with girlfriend

Cricketer Imad Wasim Denies Allegations with Mystery Girl

Another humiliating scandal involving a cricketer is vibrant all over social media. It’s Pakistan Cricket Team’s productive all-rounder Imad Waseem. Out of nowhere, somebody on social media dropped a bombshell that swept away our attention. The outrageous scandal involving Imad Waseem is the hot topic.

The pictures of Imad Waseem with the girl said to be of afghan descendent went viral on the social media. The reports took the social media by storm. Imad was of the opinion that it was a fan who had asked him to click pictures with her. He added that the accusations made against him were all bizarre. He revealed that the girl was not his girlfriend.

She narrated that it has been months that she did not hear from Imad, saying, “I don’t mind that, but the way he did it is not okay, because, he made so many promises to me. I didn’t even ask for that kind of relationship.” The woman claimed that Imad told her that “‘I want to get married to you, but I want to see you first and want to spend some time with you. And I had no problem with that. Clearing that it was Imad Wasim who advanced her, she said they met in the start of July, following year and then in the end of the month. The woman said that all she wanted from Imad was an apology for whatever he has done with me.

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Request to the Social media

However these photos looks photo shopped, and Imad himself cleared his image on social media by stating that all the rumors are baseless. That girl was just a fan who asked him to click some photos with him. He added that “I request all media channels to not spread such rumors only because they need saucy gossip and increase their TRP. Kindly respect my family and my privacy. I have never made a video to disprove any allegations in the past but today people forced me to do so.