DHA Oasis, DHA City Karachi


DHA Oasis, DHA City Karachi

DHA Karachi now offers DHA Oasis farmhouses Phase-II in DHA City. Enroll Now to Apply for Farmhouses.

The loved DHA Oasis (Farmhouses and Chalet) venture, situated in Sector-1 (the most prime area) of DHA City Karachi, is in the dynamic phase of execution. 125 Farmhouses are as of now under development as per current designing guidelines and will be finished inside the stipulated course of events. The DHA Oasis venture is coming up as a wonder of unrivaled design being worked in the setting of stunning all-encompassing perspectives of DHA City’s lovely normal environment. The undertaking has all the possibility to change the whole idea of extravagant living.

dha oasis karachi

The Farmhouses are being based on 2,000, 2,500 and 3,000 square yard plots with lovely Spanish structural plans. The perfectly planned Farmhouses in DHA City will be an extravagance living units. The Farmhouses containing 3 to 4 rooms with fasten lavatories, an extensive kitchen, an a la mode parlor to appreciate family talks, an open to drawing room, close by a hireling/protect quarter and a wide yard. In the yard region there is an excellent swimming pool reflecting captivating scene in its unmistakable water and the roomy grill region giving an immaculate recreational and engaging living background.

A critical component of the task is the close finishing of four model Farmhouses. Before long guests will have the capacity to stop over at these model farmhouses and feel the advantage of living without anyone else’s input.

The foundation work is additionally going on rapidly, keeping up sound building and configuration hones. The street arrange in the region has been finished. These streets have sufficient space for walkers and for cycling too. Tube wells and overhead/underground water tanks are under development at the site while laying of lines for mass supply of water is close culmination. DHA Oasis venture office has additionally been developed at the site.

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The charming view, the lavish green scene, the inactive water vista, the murmuring of the fowls all show up as a select sight from the window of Farmhouses. There are wide walkways where the tenants can walk and run with their families. Upcoming Cineplex, smaller than normal zoo and other stimulation around Farmhouses will be a noteworthy fascination.

The DHA Oasis is pressed with three-level idiot proof security frameworks, including CCTV cameras, the human arm and protected limits that make it unreasonably sheltered and sound with secure security of the range.