FIA to Investigate Pakistanis with Properties in Dubai


FIA to Investigate Pakistanis with Properties in Dubai

Following efficient work against illegal housing schemes in Lahore, FIA compete the sister institution by starting an investigation against Pakistanis holding millions of dollars property in Dubai, UAE.

FIA claims that the investigation is underway to find out the money trail and political connection between the transfers of money. There is no easy way to transfer huge sum of money outside Pakistan.

The most common and effective way used by investors to transfer such huge amount is “Hawala System”. Hawala system is a process of giving money to someone in Pakistan with some interest on it and the same amount can be received by his fellow in the respective country.

The amount of money transferred through Hawala or other illegal channels cost the country around $10 billion each year. This is one of the big reasons why our annual deficit is increasing and government feel the urge to put a surge on new currency notes.

Out of 100 investors, so Far 23 companies have admitted of holding property in Dubai.

  • Al Samar
  • Golf Towers
  • Yanson Quarter
  • Reehan Quarter
  • Mosela GR Mosela
  • Fairways
  • Marina Promenade DM-XI
  • Al Arta
  • Link GR Links
  • Al Ghozlan
  • Al Thayyal GR B4
  • South Ridge BD
  • Al Majra
  • Stand Point
  • R Palmera-IV
  • Al Jaz
  • Marian Quay DM, Al Dhafrah
  • Travo GR
  • OTB Kamoon
  • Greens Fairway

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