Makkah Heights a Rare Mixed Use Development

makkah heights

Makkah Heights a Rare Mixed Use Development Nestled in the Heart of B-17

Islamabad in spite of, all issues that the land market may confront, is growing incredibly. CDA, in its endeavors to build up the city further, has given over the improvement of a few divisions to private designers. B-17, otherwise called Multi Gardens and created by MPCHS, is one of them. The progressing, quick paced improvement has made it a truly alluring spot to live or direct business in. While there are other private and business extends in the territory as well, the one that truly gets the attention as far as both private and business property is Makkah Statures by Al Raheem Partners – the engineers who have additionally created Official Arcade in B-17. The venture is especially useful for the financial specialists since the undertaking and the zone it’s situated in, both are still being developed stages and going admirably. It has a great deal of potential for benefit.

The location has to be its most attractive feature.

Approaching both the GT Street and Motorway in the midst of a completely created area is a fascination which makes the area of Makkah Statures staggeringly appealing. Additionally, Part B-17 is completely created, with a solid supply of power, gas, and water. The part highlights wide streets, and the sewerage framework and the water supply framework have been laid out and are completely practical. At long last, the streetlights and signs have been introduced as well. The building is situated almost a business region, which won’t just add to the comfort of those purchasing condos, yet in addition serve to draw in customers for the organizations working in Makkah Statures. It is a hearty territory where living is an extraordinary alternative and owning a business may guarantee achievement.

The structure and development

Makkah building has an aggregate of six stories. While the lower ground and ground floors will be the retail zone having 16 shops, the principal floor will have workplaces, and the floors two to four will have condos. The advancement and development of the venture is continuous, with the work on dim structure advancing decisively right now. The lower ground and ground floors have the greater part of the dim structure finish, and the work on first floor is being done right now.

Features and Amenities

B-17 is a gated group with every minute of every day security, and in addition CCTV observing. The courtesies of the part incorporate 40 to 175 feet wide covered streets, while a few schools, universities, and healing centers are additionally arranged. A water supply station and a smaller than expected dam spreading over 90 kanals are arranged close Makkah Statures. The part additionally highlights parks and play areas, with a kids’ play range in each square. In addition, a club is being produced in square B of the area, which will offer indoor amusements, swimming, and different types of stimulation to the occupants of the part.

The components of the venture itself incorporate a quake versatile structure, a roomy, fast lift, and quality marble ground surface and installations all through. Frequently, it happens that activities confront issues with support, and occupants or organizations need to procure individuals from outside. There will be no such issues in Makkah Statures since there will be an all day, every day support staff. Different elements include:

  • Aluminum windows with glass
  • 12mm glass entryways (ground, bring down ground floor, and storm cellar shops)
  • Underground and overhead water and septic tanks
  • Wooden finish and paints, tried and affirmed by experts and advisors

At long last, every one of the pads will highlight two rooms with connected washrooms, a lounge area, and parlor in spite of the fact that the corner pads will have a region of 832 sq. ft. while the non-corner ones will have 691 sq. ft. of range.

Payment plan

Category Size Total price(PKR) Down payment30%(PKR) 8 Quarterly instalments(PKR)
Lower ground(non corner) 10’X21’ 3,200,00 9,600,000 280,000
Lower ground(corner) 10’X26’ 3,400,000 1,020,000 297,500
Ground floor(non corner) 10’X21’ 4,000,000 1,200,000 350,000
Ground floor(corner) 10’X17’-6’’ 4,000,000 1,200,00 350,000
First floor (offices) 832sq.ft. 3,700,000 1,110,000 323,750
First floor (offices) 10’X23’&10’X27’-6 2,000,000 600,000 175,000
Apartment(corner) 832sq.ft. 3,700,000 1,110,000 323,000
Apartment(non corner) 691sq.ft. 3,500,000 1,050,000 306,250


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