Pakistani Hackers are Selling Indian Bank Details

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Pakistani Hackers are Selling Indian Bank Details

Buying and selling online has become an advantage in an era where going out and shopping seems almost synonym to impossible because of hectic schedule and laziness of going outside to the malls. In this world of internet and online access, people are misusing this service in order to satisfy their personal interest.

Last year we came across with news that A Pakistani hacker had attacked one of India’s largest lenders, Canara Bank’s website on 2nd August 2016. The hacker who calls himself Faisal 1337 tried to block e-payments by inserting a mischievous page.


Similarly this time we came across similar news but quite shocking. One of the Indians bank details was sold online just for rupees 500 in exchange of Bit coin, which is a worldwide crypto currency and digital payment system. It is called the first decentralized digital currency, as the system works without a central repository or single administrator.

This information was provided by Indian police officer who was investigation the matter. He stated that it is a Pakistani hacker who is behind all this mess. Moreover he stated that he is selling this information which is illegal.

Pakistan and India are arch rival since independence and India will never miss a chance to accuse Pakistan. It was also revealed that that Rs.72, 401 was debited from victim’s credit card on August 28. Most of these hacks are simple defacements, where Pakistani compromises a website and just leaves a message on one of its pages with a pro-Pakistan message.

This is not the first time a Pakistani hacker has defaced an Indian website. Earlier in June this year, as many as seven Indian websites were hacked by a group supporting Pakistan. Moreover, Indian hackers keep on defacing Pakistani websites as soon as their websites get hacked.