Wi-Tribe to Launch 4.5G Service in Pakistan!


Wi-Tribe to Launch 4.5G Service in Pakistan!

Wi-tribe is excited to publicize the deployment of its LTE-Advanced network arrangement. The first of its kind LTE-A network will be capable of delivering faster speeds than the widespread 4G networks operating in Pakistan.

The huge technology advancement is due to $100m million three year investment program into the company designed to focus on everyday speed problems faced by customers across Pakistan. The investment effectively future-proofs Wi-tribe’s technology and will be followed by a number of worth added services. It will help Pakistan becomes the first country in the Middle East and South Asia to install LTE-A technology bringing 4.5G speeds and, users will be able to watch ultra HD without buffering and businesses won’t suffer due to poor speed related problems

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Insiders also revealed that Wi-tribe, who is a partner with top Chinese telecommunication giant Huawei, will complete the full its 4.5G LTE-A network by the end of this month i.e. October and is awaiting approval from the Pakistan Telecom Authority for its official launch.

The President and Chairman of Wi-tribe, Shahid Malik, who formerly served as a UK Government Minister and Member of Parliament uttered the company’s enthusiasm at the highest breaking results.

“We extend extreme gratitude to Wi-tribe’s customers, as they have appreciated our services for the past many years. The up gradation to LTE-advanced is a huge milestone for Wi-tribe in Pakistan, and it stands as a testimony to the commitment to serve Pakistan with the best and continue holding our position of market leaders as internet providers”.

The LTE-A equipment is capable of delivering 1GB per second data, whereas, LTE can go up to only 300MB per second. However, for now, Wi-Tribe would provide 100Mbps per connection and by the end of 2018; it would be raised to 200Mbps.